I Need a Tribe

Something I desire a lot right now is a tribe of my own.  I’ve actually had the idea of forming my own “tribe” for a while now, but the idea might not have been as clear in my mind as now, after watching a TEDx talk (about two months ago on YouTube) where this guy Brian Rose articulated a lot of what I have experienced ever since I got on this “uncommon path”.  I couldn’t have articulated it better than he did, starting at 7min 09 sec of the video.


Just a moment ago, the thought of, “I still have no one in my tribe” occurred to me.  So, I decided to do an online search on those exact words and some interesting stuff turned up:  Not that I agree with everything or even much of what’s in these, it does get me thinking.

So far, I am quite certain of one conclusion.  Most likely, I won’t find my tribe.  I have to found one, or start one.

The examples I look to are Jesus, Jack Canfield, and Tony robbins.  Also, not everybody will find or found their tribe the same way.  YouTuber Lily Singh talked about how her vlogs (her work) is how she found her tribe.


Dr. Lissa Rankins also wrote about how to find or found your tribe

Have You Found Your Tribe

How I Found My Tribe










I Need a Tribe

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