She Asked Me to Travel to LA with Her

So, Penelope, a girl who I’ve known for less than a month.  She has been teaching me Chinese, and I’ve been teaching her English.  She’s around 26 years old, which is a lot younger than me, but she doesn’t know that.  She thought I was around her age, as I look a lot younger than my age.  (I would’ve been really good for 21 Jump Street if they have that in real life, but I digress.)

Anyway, the most unexpected thing.  She tells me that in the coming January, she will return to Taiwan.  She also tells me that she will be flying over to LA (to do the tourist thing there).  She asks me if I want to join her.  So, I’m not really good in reading into this sort of thing, but is this just a friendly platonic invite. to tour a city with her.  Or does she want a fling with me?

Well, either way, I turned her down on this one.  I hope I didn’t make her feel rejected, because that really is not my intention.  To compensate for making her feel bad (if I did), I indirectly complimented her on her beauty.  Is that enough to compensate?

What do you think?  Did she want a fling or was it just an innocent platonic request?  Did I make her feel rejected?







She Asked Me to Travel to LA with Her